Keeping Your Dental Implants Healthy

dental implants DenverMissing teeth? Wondering if dental implants are right for you? Patients who used to wear dentures usually find dental implants more comfortable. The implant looks realistic and can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips on caring for your dental implants:

Treat your dental implants like your other teeth.

  • Brush and floss regularly.
  • Make regular dental checkups at New Image Dental Implant Center.
  • Don’t chew ice or hard candy.
  • Avoid teeth-staining beverages and tobacco.
  • Don’t smoke! Smoking can cause complications with your dental implants. During your checkup, your dentist will clean around your teeth, gums and in between the metal post of your implant or crown. We’ll show you the proper way to brush. Brushes designed to fit in between teeth work especially well with dental implants.

    Questions about cosmetic dentistry or the dental implant procedure? We offer a range of general dentistry services. Call our knowledgeable staff at 720-398-0933 We’ll beautify your smile and keep it healthy for life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    The Future of Dental Implants

    dental implant DenverDental implants are usually the ideal restoration for those who want to replace a missing tooth. There is a problem, however, if the jaw bone is too thin at the implant site.

    Unlike a dental bridge, a tooth implant consists of a titanium post inserted into the jaw bone. The bone meshes with the post to create a strong base for the natural-looking prosthetic tooth and crown that attaches to the post.

    When a tooth is extracted, the bone loses the blood circulation at the former site of the root. Consequently, bone recession often occurs. If the recession is extensive, there is not enough bone to hold the dental implant post.

    Bone grafting augments the bone at the implant site and provide the bone density necessary for a successful implant. This is usually effective, but it does require time for the new bone to generate. A new discovery may provide a quicker solution for regenerating bone.

    In recent years, researchers at the Georgia Regents University identified a protein that quickly stimulates the production of new bone. The research team, led by Dr. Ulf M.E. Wikesjo, implanted bone morphogenetic protein in test subjects and discovered that “more new bone formed within four weeks than with conventional bone grafting.”

    While the research looks promising, the protein and its effects must undergo further testing.

    To learn if cosmetic dental implants are right for you, contact New Image Dental Implant Center in Denver to schedule an initial consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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    Dental Implants and Dentures

    dental implants Denver

    The condition of your teeth significantly impacts your quality of life. Fillings and root canals are costly and inconvenient. If the teeth can’t be saved, tooth extraction brings more physical and psychological pain. Extraction is usually followed by bone recession.

    While dentures are preferable to having no teeth at all, they come with a host of troubles. They can irritate gums and make breathing, eating and talking difficult. Dentures are not a one-and-done solution for missing teeth, requiring relines as the jaw shrinks.

    But there is hope! Dental implant technology at New Image Dental Implant Center improves the quality of life for patients wearing traditional dentures. Implants can slow declining oral health caused by tooth loss.

    Dental implants can be used to replace several teeth and/or anchor over dentures. Mini dental implants (also called denture-stabilization implants) allow your dentist to securely attach an appliance so that it won’t slip or irritate gums. Small titanium posts are implanted into the jawbone and fuse with the surrounding bone, creating a stable base for an over-denture.

    Did you know that some denture-wearing patients retain only ten percent of their chewing ability? Implant-supported dentures can stop bone recession and restore near-normal chewing ability. This results in better nutrition and overall physical health. The psychological benefits are equally valuable. Free of embarrassing denture-slipping, our patients are happier and more confident about their smile.

    Before you spend money on another denture reline, ask us about denture-stabilization implants. Call the caring staff at New Image Dental Implant Center for a consultation today!

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    Keep Your Dental Implants Clean

    You might think that because your dental implant is made out of metal and covered with a synthetic crown, you don’t have to worry too much about care. That’s not quite right.

    It’s still very important to take care of dental implants just as well as your natural teeth. While it’s true that bacteria in your mouth doesn’t corrode your artificial teeth, the surrounding bone and gums can be. Keep your implant clean to ensure that the bone holding it in place stays there and is stable.

    Follow these tips to make sure your dental implants continue to take care of you for many years to come!

    Flossing and Brushing: Taking a few extra minutes to floss and brush each day can save you a great deal of money and time to replace dental implants down the road. As you floss and brush twice daily, pay close attention to the back teeth and in-between teeth. Gauze and floss can be used to clean plaque.

    Professional Teeth Cleanings: Even though we try our hardest to keep every surface of our teeth clean, we are still human and miss spots. These areas of plaque can become hardened and unable to remove with traditional floss and brushing. Getting a professional cleaning frequently is important to keep all plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) off your dental implants.

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    History of Dental Implants

    dental implants Denver

    Believe it or not, the history of dental implants goes back as far as thousands of years. Archeologists have discovered ancient Chinese remains with tooth replacements made from bamboo and hammered into the bone—and the remains are 4,000 years old! Some 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummies have been found with implants of precious metals, ivory, and even human teeth. And Mayan remains have been discovered from 600 AD with missing teeth replaced by pieces of seashell. Even with their limited knowledge of science and archaic methods, many of these ancient “implants” were actually found to have fused with the bone.

    Ever since humankind has been losing teeth, we’ve been looking for ways to replace them.

    The first modern dental implants were developed in the 1950s, when a Swedish doctor was studying bone regrowth in rabbits and found that he was unable to remove a piece of titanium metal in the rabbit’s femur. This led to the discovery that titanium has special properties which allow it to actually fuse with bone.

    With the ability to fuse metal to bone, a host of possibilities opened up for dental patients with missing teeth. While dentures eventually lead to bone loss, retain bone structure and oral health. Modern dental implants have been changing lives for decades—and we think they look a lot nicer than bamboo or fragmented seashells!

    Interested in dental implant procedures? Contact New Image Dental Implant Center to schedule an appointment. We provide experienced aesthetic, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services.

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    After Dental Implant Surgery: What To Expect

    dental implant Cherry CreekPatients who undergo the dental implant procedure frequently have questions afterward. Here are some of our most common questions for patients who have just undergone dental implant placement.

    Will I be in pain?

    At New Image Dental Implant Center, we take care to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. As with any surgery, some patients will experience soreness or swelling for a day or two afterward. To ease the transition after your anesthetic wears off, we may prescribe you pain medication for continued comfort after the procedure. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection and aid healing. Talk to our doctors about any medicine you are currently taking.

    Can I eat afterward?

    Yes, you can eat. However, because your implant needs time to fuse to your jawbone and your mouth needs time to heal, it’s best to take things slow initially. We recommend patients eat soft healthy foods like eggs, soup, fish, or yogurt for the first week after their implant placement. Drinking an increased amount of water or other liquids will also be beneficial to your mouth’s healing process.


    When can I resume my regular routine?

    Most patients resume work and other activities after a day or two. We do strongly urge patients to avoid intense exercise for at least a week as anything that involves heavy lifting or increased heart rate can negatively impact your mouth’s healing.

    If you have other questions regarding a dental implant procedure, our friendly knowledgeable team is happy to answer them. Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Contact New Image Dental Implant Center: 720-398-0933

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    The Domino Effect of Tooth Loss

    dental implant dentist DenverSo, you’ve lost a tooth. Those wonderful, enamel-strong little pearly friends who are supposed to serve you for the rest of your life—you’ve lost one! What now?

    You may be tempted to leave the gap in your mouth alone, especially if the tooth was in the back of your mouth and can’t be seen as easily as a front tooth. You wouldn’t be the only one; many folks ignore tooth loss. Some leave it be, others get a bridge, and still others who have lost many teeth may opt for a denture.

    The problem is that losing a tooth comes with a myriad of implications that you might not think (or even know) about right now.

    • Proper dental hygiene. It can be hard to keep the space between teeth clean, especially if the spot is tender. Food can easily get trapped, flossing becomes harder, and brushing may not completely clean the area. This can lead to bad breath, gum disease, and a host of oral health issues.
    • Discomfort. There’s a reason that babies don’t chew their food until they have teeth. Chewing on raw gums is downright uncomfortable. Because of this, many dental patients end up only eating on one side of their mouth or avoiding certain foods. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can even cause nutritional deficits.
    • Bone loss and altered face shape. When a tooth is lost, the jaw can atrophy over time. Eventually` and especially with multiple tooth loss, the face can actually take on a sagging appearance, even with a bridge or denture.
    • Further tooth loss. This can happen for several reasons. Because maintaining oral hygiene is more difficult with gaps in your mouth, gum disease can result and eventually end up in tooth loss. Teeth can also be harmed by receiving a bridge. When a bridge is placed, the adjacent teeth have to be prepped by having some enamel removed and being reshaped to allow room for the bridge appliance. This damage can sometimes lead to tooth loss as well.

    The truth is, with modern technology like dental implants and implant-anchored dentures, the domino effect of tooth loss can be curbed. Implants are easy to clean and just as strong and comfortable as natural teeth. They help you keep your jaw bone nice and strong, and help you avoid losing any more teeth.

    Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option out there New Image Dental Implant Center specializes in placing and restoring dental implants. Call today to schedule your consultation and learn about the implant options available to you.

    Contact New Image Dental Implant Center: 720-398-0933

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    New Teeth for a New Smile

    Are you missing one or more teeth? In the past, the only solution for a missing tooth was either a bridge or a partial removable denture. Both of those options leave much to be desired. The bridge will require the removal of healthy tooth structure and the removable denture is uncomfortable and leaves the remaining teeth at a high risk for developing decay. Don’t worry though!

    Implant dentistry has been around for a long time now and the success rate of dental implants is very high. Here are some great advantages of dental implants from New Image Dental Implant Center:
    Independent from Other Teeth: The success of a bridge is determined by the success of the teeth it is attached to. If one of those teeth gets decay or fractures, then the entire bridge must be replaced. That’s a lot of money down the drain. Dental implants are completely independent from the teeth that surround them.

    Most Natural: When you get a dental implant, your dentist will place a titanium screw in your jawbone. Your bone will integrate with the titanium and make a firm anchor. When the crown is placed on the implant, it is the closest thing to a natural tooth that you can receive when replacing missing teeth.

    Easy To Clean: A bridge is more challenging to clean. You must thread floss underneath its span and clean the undersurface and the teeth. This can be annoying and is another benefit of a dental implant. You will floss your dental implant like all your other teeth.

    There’s no better time than now to replace that missing tooth and restore your smile. Dental implants are the best option and have been helping patients for years now. Be sure to talk to our friendly team to learn more about this wonderful procedure.

    Contact New Image Dental Implant Center
    : 720-398-0933

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    Preparing for Dental Implants

    dental implants dentist Cherry CreekGetting ready for a tooth implant includes understanding what it is, whether you are a candidate, how to prepare for the surgery and precautions to take throughout the healing process. The experienced staff at New Image Dental Implant Center will be with you every step of the way.

    What is a dental implant?

    Simply stated, a dental implant is a permanent post fused to the jawbone with attached abutment and artificial tooth. A tooth implant can also support a dental bridge or denture.

    Who can benefit from dental implants?

    Ideal candidates for dental implants include patients with missing teeth, dentures, or bridges who have healthy oral tissue, adequate bone structure, and proper health for bone healing. Our patients come from all backgrounds and have a wide range of dental troubles. For many, dental implants are an outstanding solution.

    What preparation is needed?

    An initial visit is the first step. Be sure to bring relevant medical information, current medication list, and questions you have about the process. Dental implants take multiple visits and the process is different for each person so be sure you understand all the vital details. If we determine that you don’t have enough bone structure at the implant site, bone grafting may be required.
    How do I ensure successful healing?
    Avoid drugs or medications not approved by your dental caregiver. Eat soft foods for a while to give your mouth time to heal between surgeries. Keep the mouth cleaned properly around site. Follow the instructions given at each visit. Stay healthy by eating a nutritious diet and getting proper rest. Avoid smoking or other tobacco products.

    How do I care for dental implants?
    Caring for implants is not much different than caring for natural teeth. Be sure to avoid damaging, harmful habits such as chewing hard items (ice or candy), and seek treatment for teeth grinding if it is a problem for you. See your dentist regularly. Keep the implants and gum tissue around the implants clean just as you (hopefully) do with your natural teeth.
    The complete process can take months from consultation to complete healing and placement of the abutment and artificial tooth. At your initial consultation, we can discuss the cost of dental implants and examine financing options.

    Contact New Image Dental Implant Center:720-398-0933


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    Invest in a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle with Cosmetic Dental Implants

    Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Have you ever thought about the many functions that it plays in your daily life? Without a complete and healthy smile, you couldn’t talk, laugh, eat, and associate with others in the same way. Your smile is one of the first features other people notice about you, and each person’s unique smile communicates their personality to others. Losing a tooth not only affects your talking and eating habits but also your self-confidence and appearance. 

    Cosmetic dental implants have the closest resemblance to your natural teeth of any tooth replacement solution. A recent article in the Dental Health magazine suggests that one of the best things about dental tooth implants is that they look and feel 100% natural. No one will have to know you have prosthetic teeth.

    Cosmetic dental implants not only restore your complete and beautiful smile; they also restore your peace of mind. Restorations like traditional dentures rest directly on the gums and can make embarrassing sucking noises or slip and slide around your mouth. The stability and permanent placement of cosmetic dental implants put your mind at rest so that you can focus on the important things in your life. Cosmetic dental implants are anchored down into the gums and jawbone (like natural tooth roots) so that they can give natural chewing support.

    With so many things to get done in a day, you don’t want to be worrying about extra maintenance for your teeth. Cosmetic dental implants can be cared for just like your natural teeth, with excellent dental hygiene habits. Taking a few extra minutes to floss and brush each day will benefit all of your teeth, including your cosmetic dental implant.

    To learn more about how cosmetic dental implants can benefit your smile and fit into your lifestyle, contact New Image Dental Implant Center in Denver to schedule an initial consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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